Airplane Dream Meaning

Air-plane dream meaning

Dreams about an airplane symbolize the flight of your soul, an increase of your creativity, and the development of your plans. However, the dream has to be interpreted based on the details and context of the dream. The airplane is …

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Arrow Dream Meaning

arrow dream meaning, dream about arrow, arrow dream interpretation, seeing in a dream arrow

The arrow dream meaning often have a positive interpretation. Because they are associated with success in both the personal and the professional life. Remember whith an arrow was and what you did to it. According to some interpretations seeing an …

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Angel Dream Meaning

angel dream meaning, dream about angel, angel dream interpretation, seeing in a dream angel

Angel seen in the dream often have meaning of protection and assistance. But various interpretations are depending on the circumstances in the dream. Some of the most popular ones are listed below. If you see a guardian angel in the …

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Apple Dream Meaning

apple dream meaning, dream about apple, apple dream interpretation, seeing in a dream apple

In general, dream about an apple  has actual meaning. The meaning, however, can change slightly depending on the circumstances in the dream and the nature of the dream itself. Try to remember all the details. Seeing ripe apples on a …

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Abrasive Dream Meaning

 If you dreamed that you use any abrasive, means that in real life you are risking to choose not the best way out of the problem situation. Do not forget that not all nodes are Gordian. If you dream you …

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Antelope Dream Meaning

antelope dream meaning, dream about antelope, antelope dream interpretation, seeing in a dream antelope

The meaning of antelope dream may be different. It all depends on your behavior in a dream and even the color of the animal. The most popular interpretations are described below. If you dream that you see an antelope, then, …

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Acacia Tree Dream Meaning

If you dream that you see a piece of land on the perimeter of which is planted with bushes of acacia, in real life, you strive to make a clear distinction between personal life and business relationships. See blooming acacia …

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Amulet Dream Meaning

If you dream that you got an amulet as a gift from a stranger, then, in reality, the help will come from wherever you were not expecting it. If you imagine that you have lost the amulet, in real life, …

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Dreams About Alligators

Alligator Dream Meaning

Dreams that feature an alligator as a prominent theme can have various meanings depending on your current situation in life as well as on the circumstances in the dream itself. What Does It Mean When You Dream About Alligators? Merely …

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Ambition Dream Meaning

If you dream you experience feeling like you got a click to the ego, in the reality you are experiencing the fact that you could not do what is expected of you by others. A dream in which you communicate …

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Alcohol Dream Meaning

To dream of various alcoholic drinks at a banquet or a party means that a significant event will soon take place, which will bring you not only great material benefits but also respect and gratitude of those around you. If …

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Abbey Dream Meaning

An abbey in your dream means spirituality, peace of mind and freedom from anxiety. Your mind is free of problems and body is full of strength. You may resolve all life’s difficulties and reach a new horizon. But if you see …

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Airliner Dream Meaning

airliner dream meaning

Airliner dream meaning is a symbol of the journey. Fly on a plane means that you will be lucky in business. Long flight suggests that some business applications will require your significant efforts, but it is unlikely that you will …

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Abbot Dream Meaning

The dream about an abbot tells you that someone has the power over you and control what you are doing. Often the results are undesirable for you because you are restricted. Such dream foretells that you will be faced many …

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Ashes Dream Meaning

ashes dream meaning, dream about ashes, ashes dream interpretation, seeing in a dream ashes

Dreams in which ashes are seen can have various meanings, but often they are a sign of becoming at ease with ones past and focusing attention more towards the future. Also, this dream may portend solutions to problems that bother you. …

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Apple Tree Dream Meaning

If you see a blooming apple tree in a dream, it is a happy dream for those who feel worried or depressed. Do not worry, things will get better soon, and luck will soon be on your side. If you …

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Anaconda Dream Meaning

anaconda dream meaning,dream about anaconda, anaconda dream interpretation, seeing in a dream anaconda

The anaconda dream meaning is often a sign of pressures and stress in the dreamer’s real life. It is only a general assessment, and other interpretations hold validity also. The value of a dream depends on the behavior of anaconda. …

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Aquarium Dream Meaning

aquarium dream meaning, dream about aquarium, aquarium dream interpretation, seeing in a dream aquarium

An aquarium seen in a dream can be meaning. It depends on the circumstances in the dream. Most of the times, however, it does have a favorable interpretation. Seeing an aquarium with beautiful fish in it signifies that things will …

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Accordion Dream Meaning

If you dream you hear the sounds of the accordion, shortly, you will be invited to a fun party that will dispel your sorrow and distracts from unpleasant memories. For a young woman dream in which she plays the accordion, …

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Axle Dream Meaning

axle dream meaning

Seeing an axle in the dream means that you need to be more concentrated on the essential things in your life, do not waste yourself on something useless. You may have a lack of confidence and independence in real life …

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