Dream of Getting Shot

dreams about being shot

Dreams about getting shot are not common; only some of us experience this type of dream. Our inner emotions and feelings usually trigger the dream about getting shot, or it can be a result of watching a violent movie before …

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Grandmother Dream Meaning

grandmother dream meaning

If you dreamed that you meet with your grandmother and talk to her, then, in reality, you can expect difficulties, which will be hard to overcome. However, you will be given good advice, and you will escape an unfavorable situation. …

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Goat Dream Meaning

goat dream meaning, dream about goat, goat dream interpretation, seeing in a dream goat

Dream with a goat, has a positive meaning for your financial life. Maybe you will get an inheritance, additional profit or win the lottery. Besides, this dream can be a harbinger of a gift or a pleasant surprise. To milk …

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Geisha Dream Meaning

geisha dream meaning

Geisha is a traditional Japanese female entertainer who acts as hostess. Geisha skills include performing various traditional Japanese arts like dance, games, conversation and classical music. Geisha in a dream represents life balance, feminine grace and charm and also geisha …

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Giraffe Dream Meaning

giraffe dream meaning, dream about giraffe, giraffe dream interpretation, seeing in a dream giraffe

The meaning of giraffe а dream is related to relationships with other people. This may be talking about your or someone else’s arrogance. However, there are other interpretations. It all depends on the details of your dream. If you see …

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Girl Dream Meaning

girl dream meaning, dream about girl, girl dream interpretation, seeing in a dream girl

The girl dream meaning have many options. A lot depends on the behavior of the girl in the dream. Also of great importance are the people and things around this girl. Merely seeing a girl in your dream indicates that …

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Gasoline Dream Meaning

gasoline dream meaning, dream about gasoline, gasoline dream interpretation, seeing in a dream gasoline

A dream in which you would see gasoline has several different interpretations. A gasoline dream meaning is more concerned with solving complex problems. The most common of which will be described below. Simply seeing gasoline in your dream can be …

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Gamble Dream Meaning

gamble dream meaning, dream about gamble, gamble dream interpretation, seeing in a dream gamble

The meaning of a dream in which gamble and gambling are prominently featured are varied. And have different interpretations depending on the other happenings and the environment in the dream. This usually refers to the professional part of your life. …

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Goldfish Dream Meaning

goldfish dream meaning, dream about goldfihs, goldfihs dream interpretation, seeing in a dream goldfish

A goldfish dream meaning more often represents moral fatigue from a monotonous life. You really need a surge of emotions and a change in the situation. Depending on the dream, it is an invariable symbol of success and wealth. To …

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Gale Dream Meaning

Depending on the circumstances in the dream, this dream can have various meanings which range from being positive to having a somewhat of a warning nature. One of the interpretations of this dream is that you have to face a …

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Gypsy Dream Meaning

gypsy dream meaning, dream about gypsy, gypsy dream interpretation, seeing in a dream gypsy

The meaning of a dream on a gypsy can be varied. Basically, the value will be positive. However, that take into account the details of the dream for correct interpretation. If you dreamed that the tabor visited the house, it’s …

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Galaxy Dream Meaning

galaxy dream meaning

A dream about the galaxy illustrates your feelings about a situation or a problem which you cannot understand because it is too big for you. You are unable to do anything with it. If the galaxy in your dream is …

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Gorilla Dream Meaning

Gorilla dream meaning, seeing in a dream gorilla, dream about gorilla

The interpretations of a dream that features a gorilla are different. Often gorilla can be seen as a symbol of loyalty, but sometimes it can symbolize a slightly over the top reactions in the personal life. Gorilla dream meaning depends …

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Genitals Dream Meaning

genitals dream meaning, dream about genitals, genitals dream interpretation, seeing in a dream genitals

When taken separately from their sexual meaning genital organs have a significant purpose when they are featured in dream. Often there is a strong association with creating something new, innovating something. And also merely a strong desire for a change …

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Greece Dream Meaning

Greece dream meaning, dream about Greece, Greece dream interpretation, seeing in a dream Greece

Dream about Greece can have various meaning. It depending on the context of the dream itself. As well as your interaction with the environment and characters in it. If you have a dream in which the luxurious nature of Greece …

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Ghost Dream Meaning

If you dream of a spirit, it is a bad omen. It can mean illness, deceit, and masquerade of hypocrisy around. If you see a ghost with the face of an acquaintance, perhaps he wants to take your life to …

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Grandparents Dream Meaning

If you dreamed that you meet with your grandparents and talk to them, then, in reality, you expect difficulties, which will be hard to overcome. However, you will be given a good advice, and you escape an unfavorable situation. If …

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Gold Dream Meaning

gold dream meaning, dream about gold, gold dream interpretation, seeing in a dream gold

The dream of gold can have both positive and negative meaning. It all depends on your actions in a dream. Usually, this refers to the professional activity or financial sphere of your life. But there are other interpretations. If in …

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Gladiolus Dream Meaning

gladiolus dream meaning, dream about gladiolus, gladiolus dream interpretation, seeing in a dream gladiolus

In general, the dream of gladiolus has a positive meaning. However, the interpretation depends on the color of the flower. Packaging is also very important. The most popular dream options are described below. If you dream about a red gladiolus, …

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God Dream Meaning

To see the God in a dream means that you are at risk to succumb to the charms of a femme fatale. A dream in which God speaks to you portends health problems. Also be wary of the condemnation of …

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