Pregnancy or Pregnant Dream Meaning

pregnant dream meaning

Pregnancy in the dream often signifies a new beginning in life, and it is essential to understand that an entirely new path life is coming your way. For those who are already pregnant, such dreams signify anxieties associated with pregnancies. …

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Pursuit Dream Meaning

pursuit dream meaning, dream about pursuit, pursuit dream interpretation, seeing in a dream pursuit

The dream, in which there is pursuit, basically has a negative meaning. Most often this foreshadows difficulties and conflicts. However, depending on the details of the dream, its value can vary greatly. Try to remember all the nuances of your …

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Prepayment Dream Meaning

If you dream that you get advance payment for work that is not yet performed, in real life you will get the pay rise or promotion. If you dream that the contractor requires prepayment, you should be prepared to ensure …

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Prison Dream Meaning

Prison Dream Meaning

Prison in the dream personifies two opposites: imprisonment and solitude. If you dreamed of a prison from which you can not get out, then in life you can not get something very desirable. Also, this dream means quick troubles in …

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Purple Dream Meaning

purple dream meaning, dream about purple, purple dream interpretation, seeing in a dream purple

The meaning of a dream, in which the purple color is pronounced, may be different. Purple is the color of the nobility and kings. It symbolizes a luxurious life of immaterial well-being. But there are other meanings of this dream. …

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Pink Color Dream Meaning

Pink color means freshness of energy, joy and calm confidence in life. He also personifies the candy-bouquet period. If you are now free, you will soon get acquainted with a pleasant person of the opposite sex, who will reciprocate you. …

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Puppy Dream Meaning

puppy dream meaning, dream about puppy, puppy dream interpretation, seeing in a dream puppy

The dream in which you saw the puppy may have a different meaning. It all depends on the details of the dream itself. But, usually, he has a positive interpretation. A dream in which you see a black puppy will …

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Poison Dream Meaning

poison dream meaning, dream about poison,poison dream interpretation, seeing in a dream poison

Not surprisingly a dream in which poison is the central theme has mostly a contrary meaning. Often it signifies that times of strife and conflict in your personal life is ahead. However, there are other values. If in your dream …

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Party Dream Meaning

Party dream meaning, dream about party, party dream interpretation

Party dream meaning often have an important social significance. In the most general of terms, they signify that in the following period your social life will be more active. Try to stay calm and do not overestimate your strength. If …

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Pig Dream Meaning

pig dream meaning, dream about pig, pig dream interpretation, seeing in a dream pig

A dream where there is a pig has a diverse meaning. This may indicate health problems or difficulties in communicating with others. Also this animal may indicate difficulties in solving some problem. If you dream a pig, then you do …

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Policeman Dream Meaning

If in a dream the policeman falsely accused you of a crime, when you will wake up, you can expect victory over the enemies. A dream in which you ask for help from a representative of the law indicates the emergence of a …

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Paint Dream Meaning

Paint dream meaning, dream about paint, seeing in a dream paint, paint dream interpretation

Paint dream meaning has many different interpretation. This may be a quarrel with loved ones, promotion in the professional sphere or a warning about financial problems. A lot of depends on the actual color of the paint in the dream. …

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Petrol Dream Meaning

petrol dream meaning, dream about petrol, petrol dream interpretation, seeing in a dream petrol

The meaning of dream, in which there is petrol, can apply to any aspect of your life. Such a dream can warn against excessive manifestation of emotions or warn about health problems. The interpretation depends on the details of your …

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Paddle Dream Meaning

paddle dream meaning, dream about paddle, paddle dream interpretation, seeing in a dream paddle

A dream about a paddle may have a different meaning. It’s depending on the actual circumstances in it as well your prevailing mood in the dream itself. The most popular options are described below. Merely seeing a paddle in a …

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Potato Dream Meaning

potato dream meaning, dream about potato, potato dream interpretation, seeing in a dream potato

The dream in which you saw potato can have a diverse meaning. In general, it refers to the financial or public sphere of your life. Interpretation depends on the details of the dream itself. To eat potatoes in a dream …

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Panther Dream Meaning

panther dream meaning, dream about panther, panther dream interpretation, seeing in a dream panther

The panther dream may have a different meaning. Most often this is a reflection of your doubts and fears. However, there are other interpretations that depend on the details of your dream. Dream about Panther foretells your life insecurity. You want …

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Photo Dream Meaning

The dream in which you look at your own photo is a reflection of excessive introspection. The more you dig into yourself, the less satisfied with your life as a whole. It is necessary to look around, life is beautiful. …

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Picture Dream Meaning

picture dream meaning, dream about picture, picture dream interpretation, seeing in a dream picture

Meaning a dream about picture can be different. This probably refers to the field of personal relationships. And it can also talk about lies and betrayal in your life. The picture you saw in the dream reflects the lie of …

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Pigeon Dream Meaning

Pigeon dream meaning, dream about pigeon, pigeon dream interpretation

There are two most common interpretations of dreams that feature pigeons. One of them is associated with peace and prosperity, and the other one is associated with love and marriage. Pigeon dream meaning depends on the details of the vision itself. …

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Pain Dream Meaning

Pain means possible unhappiness. This dream says that you will be annoyed because of daily affairs. To dream that others suffer from pain warns that you are making some mistake. Was the pain dream meaning helpful to you? Please share …

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