Leopard Dream Meaning

Leopard dream meaning, dream about leopard , leopard dream interpretation

Leopard seen in a dream can have several meanings two most of them are positive. Leopard dream meaning most often brings new acquaintances with influential people. But do not take too much risk: fortune is changeable. Seeing a leopard in …

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Ladybug Dream Meaning

ladybug dream meaning, dream about ladybug. ladybug dream interpretation, seeing in a dream ladybug

The ladybug dream meaning is very diverse. Historically dreams that feature ladybugs unusually considered to be very favorable omens. In modern times this interpretation has held to be true for the most part. Seeing a ladybug in flight signifies that …

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Lion Dream Meaning

lion dream meaning, dream about lion, lion dream interpretation, seeing in a dream lion

Lion seen in the dream is often meaning of courage, strength, and pride. Usually the meaning can change significantly depending on the happenings in the dream. Also matters your interaction with the animal. If you merely see a lion in …

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Labyrinth Dream Meaning

labyrinth dream meaning, dream about labyrinth, labyrinth dream interpretation, seeing in a dream labyrinth

In general, dream that feature a labyrinth as the central theme are to be have a positive meaning. They often promise an escape from a difficult situation. However, there are other interpretations. Seeing a labyrinth in your dream from above …

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Limousine Dream Meaning

limousine dream meaning, dream about limousine, limousine dream interpretation, seeing in a dream limousine

As in real life in dreams also seeing a limousine is a symbol of wealth. The meaning, however, vary depending on the color of the limousine as well as your interaction with characters in the dream. Try to remember all …

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Lipstick Dream Meaning

Lipstick dream meaning, dream about lipstick, lipstick dream interpretation

The lipstick dream meaning depends on whether you use it in reality and has many interpretations. This may be a positive change in the financial sector or a warning about the fan’s insincerity. Also, pay attention to the color of …

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Lampshade Dream Meaning

A dream in which you enjoy the comfort of home, sitting under the lampshade means that you expect changes in your personal life. An early marriage also cannot be excluded. For a young woman dream in which she makes a …

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Lego Dream Meaning

lego dream meaning, dream about lego, lego dream interpretation, seeing in a dream lego

A dream about Lego toys, as a rule, has a positive meaning. Basically, he promises financial success and pleasant events. However, it is necessary to take into account the details of the dream for the correct interpretation. The dream of …

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Lobster Dream Meaning

The dream, in which you saw a lobster floating in the sea, says that your life will be filled with prosperity, thanks to the support of a very influential person. To eat lobsters in a dream is a good sign. …

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Ladder Dream Meaning

ladder dream meaning, dream about ladder, ladder dream interpretation, seeing in a dream ladder

A dream in which you see a ladder can have a different meaning. Usually, it all depends on the kind of stairs and your emotions at this moment. For the correct interpretation of your vision, you need to remember all …

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Love Dream Meaning

If you often dream of a loved one, it is a reflection of a broad and healthy feeling. A dream in which the other half betrays you heralds treachery and lies in a relationship. Look closer to a person, perhaps …

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Laundry Dream Meaning

Laundry in a dream is a harbinger of loss and deprivation. Also, this dream predicts quarrels and turmoil due to other people’s conversations. Dream, where you wash clothes in the laundry, says that in reality, you will have to fight …

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Laboratory Dream Meaning

laboratory dream meaning, dream about laboratory, laboratory dream interpretation, seeing in a dream laboratory

In general, a dream that feature a laboratory have a definite meaning. This is especially true if laboratory looks functional and orderly. However, there are other interpretations that depend on the details of your dream. If you dream of a …

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Lizard Dream Meaning

lizard dream meaning, dream about lizard, lizard dream interpretation, seeing in a dream lizard

The dream where the lizard is present has a different meaning. it is the connection of man with the wisdom of the earth. Allows you to learn the secrets and gain inner wealth and knowledge. Also, the lizard is the …

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Lawyer Dream Meaning

If you dreamed that you appear in a court as a lawyer in real life you have a need to protect your interests. In addition, you will strive to conduct your business honestly and to keep promises. Was the lawyer …

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Legs Dream Meaning

legs dream meaning, dream about legs, legs dream interpretation, seeing in a dream legs

A dream in which the legs are the central theme may have a diverse meaning. This may be a reflection of your grievances or a harbinger of great luck. For proper interpretation, you must remember all the details of your …

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Loaf Dream Meaning

If you dream that you are buying a lot of fresh fragrant loaves then, in reality, you will become that person who keeps family ties, the whole house and its traditions. If you dream you cut the loaf for sandwiches, …

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Lightning Dream Meaning

lightning dream meaning, dream about lightning, lightning dream interpretation, seeing in a dream lightning

The lightning seen in a dream meaning strong feelings and events. You must learn to let go of the situation and not get hung up. However, there are other interpretations this a dream. lightning dream meaning if you see lightning …

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Lottery Dream Meaning

lottery dream meaning, dream about lottery, lottery dream interpretation

In general, lottery dream meaning have positive interpretations. This is especially true if you dream that you have a won some lottery prize like this in public also heralds a notable financial success in real life too. Try to remember …

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Lips Dream Meaning

lips dream meaning, dream about lips, lips dream interpretation, seeing in a dream lips

Lips seen in a dream can have a variable meaning. Most often, this applies to your personal life and emotions. But a lot of depends on the circumstances in the dream. If you happen to notice your lips in a …

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