Dead Dream Meaning

A nightmare of seeing anybody dead in your dream indicates your way of approaching the future. A death in a dream usually represents regret, nostalgia, broken relationships, or betrayed love. Death and dying are the inseparable sides of life, and …

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Death And Dying Dream Meaning

death dream meaning, dream about death, death dream interpretation, seeing in a dream death

Death dreams could be quite scary and dreadful, especially if you dream of the death of a loved one or even yourself. You may wake up very worried when you dream about your own death. If you look closer at …

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Drugs Dream Meaning

dream about drugs

The drugs in a dream is often a metaphor of what we are addicted to in real life. General drug dream interpretation If you dream about drugs, this may mean that you have significant emotional needs that are as yet …

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Drunk Dream Meaning

drunk dream meaning, dream about drunk, drunk dream interpretation, seeing in a dream drunk

If you dream about being drunk or you see someone in your dream who is drunk, this dream usually means that you are excessively preoccupied with your thoughts or ideas. Dreaming about being drunk may also represent that you are …

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Dog Dream Meaning

dog dream meaning, dream about dog, dog dream interpretation, seeing in a dream dog

What does it mean to dream about dogs? Dreams about dogs usually are connected to areas of life where you feel emotionally protective. A dog in a dream is usually a sign of self-defense. This dream may also reflect your …

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Dandruff Dream Meaning

If you dream about dandruff, it means that you are embarrassed because your problems are uncommon. You have a low opinion of yourself because you are more uptight than others. You dislike yourself because you feel like others are perfect, …

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Drill Dream Meaning

drill dream meaning, dream about drill, drill dream interpretation, seeing in a dream drill

The meaning of a dream about drill usually reflects your internal state. In general, this vision has a positive interpretation. However, there may be other options, depending on the details of the dream. If you dream you feel the vibration …

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Day Dream Meaning

If you dream about daylight, this is an indication that you have nothing in your life that is currently making you feel overwhelmed or in danger. It feels impossible to be dishonest, and you are in a state of wanting …

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Deer Dream Meaning

deer dream meaning, dream about deer, deer dream interpretation, seeing in a dream deer

A deer dream meaning reflects the level of your spiritual development. Such a dream will tell you how to act in a complex situation. It all depends on the details of the dream itself. If you dream about deer, it …

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Driving Dream Meaning

driving dream meaning, dream about driving, driving dream interpretation, seeing in a dream driving

The meaning of dream in which you see driving may be different. Most often this indicates your self-confidence and ability to control your own life. However, depending on the circumstances, there may be other options. If you dream of driving, …

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Daughter Dream Meaning

Daughter dream meaning, dream about daughter, daughter dream interpretation, seeing in a dream daughter

Dreaming about a daughter in modern times is a sign of surprise, troubles with your family and minor problems that are manageable. Daughter dream meaning most often belongs to the professional field. However, it may affect other parts of your …

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Documents Dream Meaning

documents dream meaning, dream about documents, documents dream interpretation, seeing in a dream documents

The meaning of a dream on documents can be very diverse. This may concern any part of your life. In general, the dream that pleased you has a favorable interpretation. And on the contrary, the heavy dream of loss or …

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Dissapointment Dream Meaning

The feeling of disappointment and grief in a dream are the personification of heavy thoughts. Old grievances, unpleasant events, and people, which cause unpleasant memories in the soul, find a reflection in dreams in the form of an annoying sense …

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Dandelion Dream Meaning

Flowering dandelions on a green meadow predicts gay unions and happy friends. Blowing dandelions in your dream represent fleeting moments of your life. Probably you are trying to recapture something from the past. If you are eating dandelions in the …

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Daisy Dream Meaning

If you see a daisy in a dream is an auspicious sign. You will hear good news. If you dream you are collecting daisies on a substantial blossoming meadow, and the sun is shining means that shortly nothing can dampen …

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Doctor Dream Meaning

doctor dream meaning, dream about doctor, doctor dream interpretation, seeing in a dream doctor

When you see a doctor in a dream, it meaning that you need to be extremely careful. Most often it concerns your health and well-being. But there may be other interpretations of this dream. Seeing a doctor in your dreams …

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Dinosaur Dream Meaning

dinosaur dream meaning, dream about dinosaur, dinosaur dream interpretation, seeing in a dream dinosaur

Dream about a dinosaur meaning that you need to move forward and leave some things in the past. It is a sign that you need to give up bad habits and thought patterns. Try to remember the details of your …

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Dairy Dream Meaning

If you dream that you are on a dairy farm means that you may suddenly get rich. Alternatively, it may mean that you are in need of a well nurtured and care for. Was the dairy dream meaning helpful to you? …

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Dare Dream Meaning

If in your dream you dare someone to do something represents that you are too dominating or too overbearing. To dream that someone dared you to do something reflects that you will find yourself in some offensive or compromising position. …

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Drinking Dream Meaning

drinking dream meaning, dream about drinking, drinking dream interpretation, seeing in a dream drinking

The drinking dream meaning has many meanings. Interpretation depends on the drink itself  or the time of day. Maybe you drank juice, wine, or even medicine. It needs to be remembered for sure. If you have a drink of something …

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