Job Dream Meaning

If you had a dream about late arrival at work, most likely, in reality, you are unhappy with your career. Therefore, you are advised to change jobs to a freer and more promising career. This will help to feel a …

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Juice Dream Meaning

juice dream meaning, dream about juice, juice dream interpretation, seeing in a dream juice

In general, having a dream in which juice is prominently featured signifies that pleasant times are ahead for you. This is especially true if the juice featured in the dream was sweet and not sour. But there are also other …

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Jeans Dream Meaning

jeans dream meaning, dream about jeans, jeans dream interpretation, seeing in a dream jeans

To dream about jeans can signify widely different things. A lot of the meaning depends on the actual circumstances in the dream and the appearance of the jeans themselves.  Nevertheless, it has mostly a definite purpose. Just seeing someone dressed …

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Journey Dream Meaning

The dream in which you are on holidays broad, promises to learn something new about your relatives. Wrong or right – in any case, it is worth paying particular attention to this news. It is useful in the future. If you …

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Jasmine Dream Meaning

jasmine dream meaning, dream about jasmine, jasmine dream interpretation, seeing in a dream jasmine

The meaning of dream in which jasmine is prominently featured are quite variable. A lot of depends on the circumstances in the dream. As well as the appearance of the jasmine flowers. Smelling the scent of jasmine in your dream …

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Jelly Dream Meaning

jelly dream meaning, dream about jelly, jelly dream interpretation, seeing in a dream jelly

In general, meaning dream about jelly is that you have some weakness or vulnerability towards someone or something. However, there are also other interpretations. They are listed below. If in your dream you see jelly it is a sign of …

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Jaguar Dream Meaning

To dream of Jaguar – means you will have prosperity in your business or it can be promising for having exquisite pleasures. If you see in a dream that the jaguar is approaching you – it means that there are …

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Jacket Dream Meaning

jacket dream meaning, dream about jacket, jacket dream interpretation, seeing in a dream jacket

Jacket in a dream meaning something official, clerk, officer, businessmen. It, as well as any clothes, is the general symbol of a naked human body or human nakedness. As well as denotes public “Inner self” of a man. And usually …

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Jam Dream Meaning

jam dream meaning, dream about jam, jam dream interpretation, seeing in a dream jam

In general dreaming about jam has positive connotations as it signifies that your desires will come true. Also, it can mean that things from a romantic perspective can take a very positive turn. It all depends on the details of …

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Jackal Dream Meaning

jackal dream meaning, dream about jackal, jackal dream interpretation, seeing in a dream jackal

The meaning of a dream about a jackal can be different. This is usually a hazard warning. It is necessary to carefully consider this to avoid trouble. If you had a dream of a jackal, it reflects internal fears. You …

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Jeep Dream Meaning

jeep dream meaning, dream about jeep, jeep dream interpretation, seeing in a dream jeep

A dream in which a jeep is prominently featured can be meaning different. This usually refers to your personal life. The circumstances in the dream, as well as your interaction there, can change the meaning dramatically. Merely seeing a jeep …

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Juggle Dream Meaning

juggle dream meaning, dream about juggle, juggle dream interpretation, seeing in a dream juggle

In general, a dream in which juggle takes center stage has a different meaning. This can be both positive and negative experiences. The meaning of the dream also depends on the items you were juggling with. Usually, it concerns your …

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Jar Dream Meaning

jar dream meaning, dream about jar, jar dream interpretation, seeing in a dream jar

Depending on the state of the jar and its appearance in the dream the meaning of this dream can vary widely. Often a pot appearing reasonable in the dream is a sign of positive things to come. Seeing a jar …

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Jacuzzi Dream Meaning

jacuzzi dream meaning, dream about jacuzzi, jacuzzi dream interpretation, seeing in a dream jacuzzi

The jacuzzi dream meaning can be related to your state of health.  Such dreams do not carry any crucial things and just due to physiological conditions. Perhaps you are exhausted in reality and need proper rest and relax or you …

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Jewelry Dream Meaning

jewelry dream meaning, dream about jewelry, jewelry dream interpretation, seeing in a dream jewelry

In general, the jewelry dream meaning has a positive interpretation. As it promises success in the both the personal and the professional life. What used to be an impossible dream now can become a reality. Seeing someone you know wearing …

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