Celebrity Dream Meaning

celebrity dream meaning

We are attracted to the news about celebrities more than anything else. We tend to talk about the life of celebrities more than about our own lives. Meeting a celebrity in a dream usually reflects that you like that person …

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Cockroach Dream Meaning

cockroach dream meaning

Dreams about cockroaches are very common and should not scare you, even if you find these insects scary and unpleasant. Cockroaches don’t usually suggest there is anything wrong is going to happen in your life. It could have different meanings …

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Cobra Dream Meaning

cobra dream meaning

The cobra in a dream symbolizes wisdom, change, determination, strength, sexuality, and transformation. These snakes are also well-known for there speed movements. So if you see a cobra in a dream, it is a sign for you to act quickly …

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Classroom Dream Meaning

classroom dream meaning, dream about classroom, classroom dream interpretation, seeing in a dream classroom

Dreams about the school, classroom, or any other educational institute are common and not only among students. To dream of classrooms represents an interest in learning about yourself, looking for solutions to problems or questions. Dreams about school life and …

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Constellation Dream Meaning

constellation dream interpretation

The dream of bright constellations in the night sky means that a line of luck and fortune is coming. Constellation’s dream meaning shows that happiness will chase you on every corner. You can bravely embark on the embodiment of the …

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Dream Meaning About Your Crush

Do you have dreams about your current crush? Is it a recurring dream? Is it fate or just a reflection of my day? Depending on the nature of your dream and the details of the dream, it can be interpreted …

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Concert Dream Meaning

concert dream meaning, dream about concert, concert dream interpretation, seeing in a dream concert

Concert dream meaning suggests that you live in harmony. Your life is full of fun and enjoyment. It doesn’t matter what kind of show you are into, they are all fun, and you can always find energy by hearing music …

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Cougar Dream Meaning

cougar dream meaning, dream about cougar, cougar dream interpretation, seeing in a dream cougar

This relative of the lion is calm and cool. Her behavior is measured and graceful. Dream about a cougar gives you a feeling of flow to your life, a feeling of persistence and predictability, and offers you the opportunity to …

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Cell Phone Dream Meaning

cell-phone dream meaning

Cell Phone dream meaning signifies of psychological or emotional closeness. You are having feelings of needing someone urgently. It may indicate feelings you are trying to avoid losing or the feelings that are necessary for you to have. General Meaning …

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Cannibalism Dream Meaning

cannibalism dream meaning, dream about cannibalism, cannibalism dream interpretation, seeing in a dream cannibalism

Cannibalism’s dream meaning symbolizes the most hidden corners of your soul. This dream also warns you of the danger of the manifestation of animal instincts. You need to be extremely careful to avoid troubles in reality. Try to remember all …

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Cup Dream Meaning

Paired sets of dishes personify concern with personal relationships. Perhaps in reality, with a partner, everything is not as simple as we would like. A cup with saucer points to the experiences for the two of you. The whole service …

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Ceiling Dream Meaning

ceiling dream meaning, dream about ceiling, ceiling dream interpretation, seeing in a dream ceiling

A dream about the ceiling can have both positive and negative meaning. This can be a reflection of your inner feelings. As well as well herald some changes in life. It all depends on the ins of your vision. If …

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Crow Dream Meaning

dreaming about crow

Crow dream meaning is often seen as being mysterious and magical, and one of the smarted birds. If you dream about the crow, you are either being warned or protected. That is unless you dream of a white crow, which …

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Clock Dream Meaning

clock dream meaning, dream about clock, clock dream interpretation, seeing in a dream clock

A clock that you dream can have many different meanings. These may be old fears to be overcome. Or worrying about the future. It all depends on the details of your dream. If you dream about a clock, you might …

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Caterpillar Dream Meaning

caterpillar dream interpretation

A dream about a caterpillar always reveal something about the future, but you need to know how to view the content of the dream to understand what it means. Caterpillars are not a good thing to see in a dream. They usually …

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Cat Dream Meaning

cat dream meaning, dream about cat, cat dream interpretation, seeing in a dream cat

A cat appearing in the dream may symbolize many things. Depending on what is going on in your mind or what is the critical question in life for you right now. But what matters the most is what cats mean …

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Cake Dream Meaning

cake dream meaning, dream about cake, cake dream interpretation, seeing in a dream cake

A dream where there is a cake meaning an upcoming holiday. You might have this dream the night before something important. When you see it’s something significant to you personally, dreaming of cake is an indication of future success, and …

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Coins Dream Meaning

Coins Dream Meaning

Dreams about any type of material resources always have strong symbolic meanings. not necessarily related to material part of life. If you see the coins in the dream, quite often they represent wholeness that is represented by a circle. General …

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Cloud Dream Meaning

clouds dream meaning

The cloud dream interpretation depends on what type of clouds you see in your dream. If you see a sun, looking through thin clouds, this dream will bring favorable outcome of all affairs. The wrong situation will soon change for …

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Casino Dream Meaning

dream about casino

If you had a dream about a casino, it may be a sign of good fortune. Such a dream also represents the risk involved in achieving good luck, which results in the quick and straightforward acquisition of money. In reality, …

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