Vitamins Dream Meaning

vitamins dream meaning, dream about vitamins, vitamins dream interpretation, seeing in a dream vitamins

Unveiling the Essence: The Multifaceted Symbolism of Vitamins in Dreams In the tapestry of our subconscious, where logic intertwines with mystique, dreams serve as a conduit for exploring the depths of our psyche. Among the myriad symbols that populate our dreams, vitamins – though seemingly mundane – carry …

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Voucher Dream Meaning

Exploring the Symbolism and Psychological Interpretations of Dreams Involving Voucher Dreams hold a mirror to our subconscious, reflecting our desires, fears, and unresolved issues. The surreal landscape of dreams often speaks in the language of symbols, where ordinary objects can carry extraordinary significance. Among the myriad …

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Vampire Dream Meaning

Mystical dreams are often vague. Vampire dream meaning or dreaming about warlocks, witches, or werewolves believed to have negative signs. However, this is not the case for every dream. Did you know that the word vampire originates in the Serbian language? …

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Vomiting or Throwing Up Dream Meaning


Dreams about vomiting may be unpleasant, but you should not ignore them. Usually, this dream speaks about your wish to remove something unpleasant from your life. Vomiting is one of the worst human sensations. Nobody likes to go through this moment …

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Virus Dream Meaning

virus dream meaning, dream about virus, virus dream interpretation, seeing in a dream virus

A virus is a threatening and negative dream symbol and indicates disease and contagion. Dreams of the virus may occur when there is a fear of a worldwide pandemic. Viruses are infections agents that are smaller than bacteria. The virus …

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Vagrant Dream Meaning

vagrant dream meaning, dream about vagrant, vagrant dream interpretation, seeing in a dream vagrant

A dream of a vagrant can have a variety of meaning. Most often this refers to the financial side of your life. However, there are other options, depending on the details of your dream. Dreaming of a vagrant is a …

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Viper Dream Meaning

viper dream meaning, dream about viper, viper dream interpretation, seeing in a dream viper

A viper in dreams can be both a negative or a positive symbol. Usually, such a dream concerns the business part of your life. However, there may be other options. This is will all depend on the details of the …

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Voice Dream Meaning

Voice dream meaning, voice dream interpretation

When you hear someone else’s voice in a dream, it could be a reflection of your inner thoughts. If you are anxious about something terrible, your unconscious seeks for help. Pay attention to what others are telling you in your …

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Vase Dream Meaning

vase dream meaning, dream about vase, vase dream interpretation, seeing in a dream vase

In general, a vase dream meaning foreshadows of good things to come. If the vase played the crucial part in your dream, it could be said you will experience rather pleasant spiritual fulfillment. This will happen in the coming days. …

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Veranda Dream Meaning

veranda dream meaning, dream about veranda, veranda dream interpretation, seeing in a dream veranda

Dreaming of a veranda can both be right news or a bad omen. In defining meaning dream of a veranda, it is advisable to first pay attention to the veranda’s state. As well as who dreamed of it a woman, …

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Vanilla Dream Meaning

vanilla dream meaning, dream about vanilla, vanilla dream interpretation, seeing in a dream vanilla

Basically, the dream of vanilla meaning your feelings and emotions. Depending on the details, it can be both positive and negative experience. This dream reflects your subconscious and intuition. Trust him to avoid trouble. If you dream that you are …

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Virgin Dream Meaning

virgin dream meaning, dream about virgin,virdin dream interpretation, seeing in a dream virgin

A virgin is a potent symbol of innocence. The virgin dream meaning, that you are entering into a new, unexplored area in your life. Many new paths will be open, and you will have a hard time choosing which is …

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Velvet Dream Meaning

velvet dream meaning, dream about velvet, velvet dream interpretation, seeing in a dream velvet

The meaning of the dream in which you saw velvet most often refers to your professional life. It can also be related to your financial success. It depends on your actions in a dream and on the color of velvet. …

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Vegetarianism Dream Meaning

vegetarianism dream meaning, dream about vegetarianism, vegetarianism dream interpretation, seeing in a dream vegetarianism

A reflection of a spiritual solitude is the meaning of a dream in which the central theme was vegetarianism. It resembles what you want to be with friends. And soon, you will arrange a big celebration to meet with them. …

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Visa Dream Meaning

dream about visa

The dream about visa signifies that your claims will be soon fulfilled. This often indicates legal, court-related success. You will likely have success in dealing with the law and lawyers. Dream about standing in line with others while getting a …

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Veil Dream Meaning

veil dream meaning, dream about veil, veil dream interpretation, seeing in a dream veil

In general wearing, a veil in a dream meaning  a desire to hide something from the prying eyes of others. Many times it is merely an indicator that you have secrets that you would rather keep for yourself. The appearance …

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Volcano Dream Meaning

volcano dream meaning, dream about volcano, volcano dream interpretation, seeing in a dream volkano

A volcano dream meaning is varied. But most often it refers to active life and passion. Interpretation depends on whether it is active. In general, dreaming of a volcano is indicative of rather a rapid happening of events. In other …

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