Wasp Dream Meaning

wasp dream meaning, dream about wasp, wasp dream interpretation, seeing in a dream wasp

Dreaming of wasps is a sign that you are feeling surrounded by conflicts, temptations, or pain. It can also signify that you wish harm to your enemies. Some species of wasps are parasitic, laying eggs in the bodies of other …

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War Dream Meaning

If you had a dream about war, there is a quarrel ahead and much disagreement with others. Dreaming of war is a symbol of restless; you are experiencing fights between family members or friends. Even though it has nothing to …

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Whale Dream Meaning

Whale dream meaning, dream about whale, seeing in a dream whale

Whale dream meaning can have both positive and negative meaning. Depending on the circumstances in the dream it can stand for business success or parting off with a long time friend. Remember what the whale did in your dream and where …

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Win Dream Meaning

If you dream how you win the competitors in the struggle for a prestigious workplace predicts to find the right solution to life problems. The fact that you are now troubled easily can be corrected by relying on your intuition. …

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Wedding Dream Meaning

wedding dream meaning, dream about wedding, wedding dream interpretation, seeing in a dream wedding

Dream about a wedding always meaning a notable change in your life. What kind of change this will exactly depend on the nature of the dream itself. Small nuances in the dream can make a significant difference in the perception. …

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Wolf Dream Meaning

wolf dream meaning, dream about wolf, wolf dream interpretation, seeing in a dream wolf

The meaning of seeing a wolf in your dream is variable depending on the circumstances in the particular dream. In some circumstances, it can be seen as a sign of protection. While in others it can be seen as a …

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Watermelon Dream Meaning

watermelon dream meaning, dream about watermelon, watermelon dream interpretation, seeing in a dream watermelon

To dream of watermelon have an auspicious meaning. Most likely, soon you will receive the first results of your labors. The meaning of sleep may vary depending on the circumstances, but always has a positive value. If you dream you …

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White Dream Meaning

white dream meaning

Although dreaming about the color white is generally seen as a positive indicator the actual meaning of the dream is heavily dependent upon the nature of the objects that are perceived to be colored white. If in your dream you …

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Wife Dream Meaning

wife dream meaning, dream about wife, wife dream interpretation, seeing in a dream wife

The meaning of a dream of wife may be different. However, emotion is one outstanding character trait of women. Therefore, if you had a dream about your wife, you should take a closer look at its behavior. This is the …

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Well Dream Meaning

well dream meaning, dream about well, well dream interpretation, seeing in a dream well

The dream about a well meaning a subconscious desire to find yourself again in the happy times of your life. Most often this is due to memories from the childhood spent in the village. The dream interpretation is also of …

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Watch Dream Meaning

If you had a dream about the watch on hand, it predicts inner nervousness and frustrated feelings. The dream interpretation is of plans and hurry. It is necessary to calm down and make a list of problems; this will help to …

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Winter Dream Meaning

winter dream meaning, dream about winter, winter dream interpretation, seeing in a dream winter

A dream about winter can have varied meaning. But in general, refers to the emotional condition of you. It can show whether you are affected happiness or melancholy or whether your energy and spirit is up. If you dream about …

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Waltz Dream Meaning

A dream, in which you see people waltzing, means that you will have a pleasant acquaintance. For a young woman dream in which she dances the waltz with her lover, says that she will have a lot of fans, but …

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Wave Dream Meaning

wave dream meaning, dream about wave, wave dream interpretation, seeing in a dream wave

The meaning of a dream on the wave most often characterizes your emotional state. Usually, such a dream refers to your relationship with others. But there are other interpretations which depend on the details of your dream. Seeing sea or …

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Wealth Dream Meaning

wealth dream meaning, dream about wealth, wealth dream interpretation, seeing in a dream wealth

The wealth dream meaning is undoubtedly very important. Almost universally, through history, such a dream was considered to be a predictor of good fortunes. The time of the night in which the dream is dreamt has considerable influence also. Dreaming of …

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Waterfall Dream Meaning

waterfall dream meaning, dream about waterfall, waterfall dream interpretation, seeing in a dream waterfall

The meaning of the dream in which you saw the waterfall can be different. Basically, such a dream advises to be attentive. But there are other interpretations, depending on the details of your dream. If you had the dream of …

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Weather Dream Meaning

weather dream meaning, dream about weather, weather dream interpretation, seeing in a dream weather

A dream about the weather has different meaning. Dreaming about the weather can be interpreted as you being resistant to adaption after changes in your situation. It is also important to consider how it affects you in the dream It …

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Wall Dream Meaning

wall dream meaning, dream about wall, wall dream interpretation, seeing in a dream wall

A wall in a dream can have a different meaning. It depends on your feelings and actions. It is necessary to carefully understand what you experienced in a dream in order to get a correct prediction. One of the many …

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Wind Dream Meaning

Wind dream meaning, dream about the wind, seeing in a dream the wind

Wind dream meaning indicates that you will experience rapid changes in your life soon. This is especially the case if the wind in your dream was intense and noticeable to you. The strength of the wind, as well as its …

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Werewolf Dream Meaning

werewolf dream meaning, dream about werewolf, werewolf dream interpretation, seeing in a dream werewolf

A dream where there is a werewolf has a different meaning. It all depends on the circumstances in a dream. Try to remember all the details. If you see a werewolf in your dream, it is indicative that someone is …

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