Hood Dream Meaning

hood dream meaning, dream about hood, hood dream interpretation, seeing in a dream hood

A dream in which the hood is pronounced can have a diverse meaning. This may indicate hidden dangers or great luck. The value is affected by the dream details and your behavior in the dream. For a young woman dream …

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Hero Dream Meaning

hero dream meaning, dream about hero, hero dream interpretation, seeing in a dream hero

A dream in which a hero is the main character has several varied meaning. The interpretation of this dream applies to both personal and professional life. The most popular explanations are described below. If you are the woman and you …

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Heron Dream Meaning

heron dream meaning, dream about heron, heron dream interpretation, seeing in a dream heron

As a rule, a dream of a heron has a positive meaning. However, one should not expect that everything will pass easily and smoothly. To achieve the desired results, you will have to show cunning and make great efforts. The …

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Hair Dream Meaning

The dream in which you see your hair loose, speaks of a lack of love and sexual partners in life. Covered hair personifies the desire to protect the private life from eyes of associates. Red hair promises lie in life. …

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Hail Dream Meaning

hail dream meaning, dream about hail, hail dream interpretation, seeing in a dream hail

Dream of hail falling can meaning that you will have additional income in the future time according. However, there are also many other interpretations. It all depends on the circumstances in the dream. If in your dream you see hail …

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Hell Dream Meaning

hell dream meaning, dream about hell, hell dream interpretation, seeing in a dream hell

Historically dream featuring hell have been unfavorable meaning. In more modern times their meaning is often more decisive. For example suggesting an escape from a hopeless situation. If you dream that you are in hell, it can mean that you …

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Husband Dream Meaning

An unmarried girl should leave the business and move all plans if in a dream she saw herself next to her husband. Trouble will be pursued at the heels, and nothing of the projects will not be fulfilled. If a …

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Hospital Dream Meaning

dreaming about hospital

Hospital dream meaning may have both direct and indirect meanings. Mostly, it refers to your health state, or maybe your partner. Also, such a dream may indicate your attitude to people and theirs to you. If you are in the …

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Highway Dream Meaning

If you dream you are driving on the highway in a good car at high speed, almost without noticing it, in reality, you are feeling the breakneck speed of life. Sometimes you want to spit on everything and stay, but …

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House Dream Meaning

house dream meaning, dream about house, house dream interpretation, seeing in a dream house

The meaning of a dream that feature a house as the central theme are highly varied. As they depend strongly on the circumstances in the dream. The most common topics are presented below. Seeing a beautiful looking house in the …

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Hippo Dream Meaning

hippo dream meaning, dream about hippo, hippo dream interpretation, seeing in a dream hippo

The meaning of dream, where you see a hippo belongs to your plans and ideas. Such a dream will tell you how to do better in different situations and how to cope with difficulties. However, there may be other interpretations. …

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Head Dream Meaning

head dream meaning, dream about head, head dream interpretation, seeing in a dream head

The meaning of dream, where you saw your own or someone else’s head, most often refers to decision-making. Dream gives you a hint for the right choice. Try to remember all the details of dream to avoid trouble in real …

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Hotel Dream Meaning

hotel dream meaning, dream about hotel, hotel dream interpretation, seeing in a dream hotel

Dreams that feature a hotel as a central theme have many different interpretations. The hotel dream meaning can apply to both professional and personal life. Because a lot depends on the actual circumstances in the dream. The hotels are difficult …

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Harp Dream Meaning

If you dream you hear the sad sounds of the harp, then any beginning started so well may end in failure. To dream of a broken harp may bring to disease and quarrels between lovers. If you dreamed that you …

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Helicopter Dream Meaning

helicopter dream meaning

Helicopter in a dream is a symbol of achieving goals and desires for life challenges. Dreams about helicopter also indicate your desire to be free and to live the life that you want. But there are also other dream interpretations …

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Hole Dream Meaning

Hole dream meaning, dream about hole, hole dream interpretation, seeing in a dream hole

Hole dream meaning can be varied. Occasionally, it has a definite sense by suggesting a route of escape from a situation. While sometimes it signifies that there might be a spiritual void (a hole) that needs to be closed for …

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Health Dream Meaning

Dream, where you have health problems, predicts to experience a decline in mental strength. Too much nervous tension can lead to a breakdown and knock you out of the rut. A girl who sees herself as sick in a dream …

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Hypnosis Dream Meaning

Hypnosis Dream Meaning

A dream in which you will see hypnosis in progress on someone signifies that some person in your environment will manage to defraud and deceive many people around. No one will take him/her for being a con person, and the …

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Hands Dream Meaning

hands dream meaning, dream about hands, hands dream interpretation, seeing in a dream hands

A dream in which the main theme are hands can have a different meaning. Sometimes such a dream symbolizes great opportunities. In another case, he can talk about the need to seek help. It all depends on the details of …

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