Medal Dream Meaning

medal dream meaning, dream about medal, medal dream interpretation, seeing in a dream medal

Various meaning of a dream feature a medal as a prominent theme. In general, receiving a medal has a definite meaning. While losing medal one has a negative sense. If you merely see a medal in your dream, it means …

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Mug Dream Meaning

mug dream meaning

The main mug dream meaning is a desire to get everything your heart wants. However, to achieve success, you will have to work hard. The dream of a mug made of metal, suggests the time of despondency and separation from …

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Madness Dream Meaning

A dream, in which you feel your own insanity, means that somewhere in the depths of your body a serious illness has lurked. You should urgently address your health issues, otherwise, you may lose a lot. See others insane mean …

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Make-up Dream Meaning

make-up dream meaning, dream about make-up, make-up dream interpretation, seeing in a dream make-up

The meaning of a make-up dream may be different. Often such a dream speaks about something hidden from sight. And, generally, it refers to your personal life. But there are other interpretations that are described below. Buying expensive make-up in a dream …

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Mudslide Dream Meaning

mudslide dream meaning, dream about mudslide, mudslide dream interpretation, seeing in a dream mudslide

A mudslide dream most often has a negative meaning. And reflects the futility of your efforts. It is necessary to listen to him and properly distribute their forces. Otherwise, you can earn health problems. If you had a dream about …

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Mountain Dream Meaning

Mountain Dream Meaning

A mountain seen in a dream can have various meanings. Often, the actual interpretation depends strongly on the circumstances in the dream. If you dream of a mountain that is covered with snow, it foretells that you will finally get …

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Money Dream Meaning

money dream meaning, dream about money, money dream interpretation, seeing in a dream money

Dreams about money are not uncommon and they signify your strength to achieve your goals. Money in the dreams symbolizes your finances, personal values, and feelings. Money in the dream signifies opportunities that you might have in present. General Dream …

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Magic Dream Meaning

magic dream meaning, dream about magic, magic dream interpretation, seeing in a dream magic

Having a dream in which magic is prominently featured can have various meaning. Usually, it speaks of your inner experiences. It’s depending on whether you see some magical act or you actively use magic yourself. In general, merely seeing some …

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Meat Dream Meaning

meat dream meaning, dream about meat, meat dream interpretation, seeing in a dream meat

The meaning of a dream, in which meat stands out brightly, is diverse. Such a dream can have both a positive and a negative shade. It all depends on your actions in a dream. If you buy meat in a …

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Marble Dream Meaning

marble dream meaning, dream about marble, marble dream interpretation, seeing in a dream marble

In general, dream that feature marble and workings of marble have positive meaning. Especially about the professional life and the financial sphere. However, there are other interpretations. If you dream of marble that is used as an architectural element it …

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Mansion Dream Meaning

mansion dream meaning, dream about mansion, mansion dream interpretation, seeing in a dream mansion

The meaning of a dream on the mansion is very diverse. It can carry both positive and negative value. It all depends on the details of your dream and your relationship to the mansion. If a man dreamed of an …

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Moon Dream Meaning

moon dream meaning, dream about moon, moon dream interpretation, seeing in a dream moon

The meaning of the dream in which you saw the moon can be different. This may concern both personal and professional parts of life. It all depends on the phase of the moon and the circumstances of your dream. If …

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Mother Dream Meaning

mother dream meaning, dream about mother, mother dream interpretation, seeing in a dream mother

In general, a dream in which you see a mother has a positive meaning. Such dreams foreshadow good luck and prosperity. However, for proper interpretation, you need to remember the details of your dream. The dream in which you talk …

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Marriage Dream Meaning

marriage dream meaning

The marriage dream interpretation signifies that you are going through a critical phase of your life. It can be a turn for the better, or for the worse, depending on your own strength and will-power. Below are some of the …

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Mouse Dream Meaning

mouse dream meaning, dream about mouse, mouse dream interpretation, seeing in a dream mouse

The meaning of dream in which you see a mouse is very diverse. This may bode well for financial affairs or reflect fear. It all depends on the details of your dream. A dream where you see a mouse will …

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Mental Dream Meaning

Dream, where there is a person with mental disabilities, seen on the eve of the wedding, talks about the upcoming tests for the newlyweds. Quite unexpectedly, you will find yourself in a situation that will test the strength of sincerity …

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Monk Dream Meaning

monk dream meaning, dream about monk, monk dream interpretation, seeing in a dream monk

The dream of a monk can have different meaning. It can be both positive and negative. For the correct interpretation, try to remember all the details of the dream. A dream where a monk is present personifies annoyance and apathy. Most …

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Morning Dream Meaning

The sunrise symbolizes the beginning of a new day and a new life. It bears in itself the seeds of change and new, unexplored parts of life. Dream, where the morning comes, is a good omen for discoveries and accomplishments. …

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Magazine Dream Meaning

magazine dream meaning, dream about magazine, magazine dream interpretation, seeing in a dream magazine

There are various meaning of a dream that feature a magazine. Often but not always they signify some visible change in your life as well as your social life. It all depends on the details of your dream. Simply reading …

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