Baby Dream Meaning

baby dream meaning, dream about baby, baby dream interpretation, seeing in a dream baby

What does it mean when you dream about babies? Babies often have a positive meaning in the dream, but these dreams may also be stressful and scary sometimes. For those that are not prepared or wanting a child, a baby …

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Bear Dream Meaning

bear dream meaning, dream about bear, bear dream interpretation, seeing in a dream bear

Bears in the dream represent power, strength, and independence. If you see a peaceful wild animal in the dream, this signifies that you feel content, comfortable and able to move successfully through life by yourself. If the bear in the …

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Box Dream Meaning

If you had a dream about a box of chocolates, it promises success to all ideas. The main thing is to get reliable partners among the colleagues or partners. If you had a dream about the candies packed with whole …

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Bicycle Dream Meaning

Bicycle dream meaning, bicycle dream interpretation

There are various interpretations of bicycle seen in a dream, but often they are positive. Bicycle dream meaning shows future changes in your life. They signify good prospects and development especially in the professional life and the career. If you …

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Bathroom Dream Meaning

bathroom dream meaning, dream about bathroom, bathroom dream interpretation, seeing in a dream bathroom

In general, there are several interpretations of the bathroom being a significant theme in a dream. The bathroom dream meaning can have many exegesis. Sometimes this dream just can be associated with purification and a need to get away from …

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Bottle Dream Meaning

bottle dream meaning, dream about bottle, bottle dream interpretation, seeing in a dream bottle

The meaning of a dream, where there is a bottle can be different. It depends on your sex. And also from the the contents bottle itself. If a woman sees a bottle in a dream, regardless of content and form, …

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Back Dream Meaning

If you see your own back in a dream then it foretells failures and a possible weakening of health. If you have a broken back in a dream, then it is foreshadowing that your enemies will overcome you and you …

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Bus Dream Meaning

bus dream interpretation

There are many different interpretations of dreams in which a bus is prominently featured. This is so because of the many small circumstances that can influence the meaning. Seeing a nice looking, new bus in your dream points to career …

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Beach Dream Meaning

beach dream meaning, dream about beach, beach dream interpretation, seeing in a dream beach

A beach seen in a dream has mostly a definite meaning. But the actual interpretation depends mainly on the circumstances in the dream. Try to remember all the details. Merely seeing a beautiful beach in your dream means that you …

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Bell Dream Meaning

If you dream that you hear a bell at the door, then most likely, in reality, you will become a victim of deception. Be careful and cautious, especially in dealing with strangers. If in a dream, you call in someone’s …

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Brothel Dream Meaning

brothel dream meaning, dream about brothel, brothel dream interpretation, seeing in a dream brothel

The dream about a brothel meaning deception, betrayal and a waste of effort. This can apply to any area of life to a greater or lesser extent. It also means that your stupid and unrestrained behavior will give surroundings an …

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Butterfly Dream Meaning

butterfly dream meaning, dream about butterfly, butterfly dream interpretation, seeing in a dream butterfly

Traditionally, a butterfly dream meaning are a sign of positive things coming in your life. They often point to personal happiness and progress in the spiritual sphere of life also. The actual meaning, however, can vary depending on the circumstances …

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Bible Dream Meaning

Bible dream meaning, dream about Bible, Bible dream interpretation, seeing in a dream Bible

A dream that features the Bible as a prominent theme can be meaning quite differently. It all depends on the details of sleep. And also depends on the dreamer’s attitude towards the religion and of the Bible itself. If you …

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Bee Dream Meaning

bee dream meaning, dream about bee, bee dream interpretation, seeing in a dream bee

In general, seeing a bee in a dream meaning that your things will move in an upward fashion in your professional life. This will mainly be the result of your hard work and dedication. Their other interpretations also, however, depending …

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