Vomiting or Throwing Up Dream Meaning


Dreams about vomiting may be unpleasant, but you should not ignore them. Usually, this dream speaks about your wish to remove something unpleasant from your life. Vomiting is one of the worst human sensations. Nobody likes to go through this moment …

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Turtle Dream Meaning


What does it mean when you dream about a turtle? In general, turtles symbolize wisdom, spiritual development, motherhood, and fertility. General Dream Meaning Turtle Turtles are living dinosaurs; they are more ancient than crocodiles and snakes. In many cultures, turtles …

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Teeth or Tooth Dream Meaning

teeth dream meaning, dream about teeth, teeth dream interpretation, seeing in a dream teeth

What does it mean when you dream about teeth? Teeth seen in a dream is one of the most common dreams that people have. Sometimes, the meaning of the dream is negative or involves meeting with the challenges, but it …

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Dreams About Tornadoes

Tornadoes are a universal dream symbol, and it demonstrates emotions in your life. To dream about a tornado indicates that you are facing a new challenge in life, or maybe you are entering a meaningful relationship. If the storm destroys everything …

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Tower Dream Meaning

tower dream meaning, dream about tower, tower dream interpretation, seeing in a dream tower

The meaning of a dream in which you seeing tower can have a varied. Such a dream can talk about future success or warn of rash actions. Interpretation depends on the details of your vision. A dream, in which you …

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Truck Dream Meaning

truck dream meaning, dream about truck, truck dream interpretation, seeing in a dream truck

In general, a dream in which a truck is the central theme has a positive meaning. Most often this dream relates to financial matters. However, there may be other interpretations. If you dreamed of a truck, in reality, someone would …

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Tarot Cards Dream Meaning

Tarot Cards dream meaning depends on if you are a man or a woman. If you a woman and you had a dream about holding a deck of tarot cards, this means that you can rely on the help of …

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Time Dream Meaning

time dream meaning, dream about time, time dream interpretation, seeing in a dream time

If you remember the time of the day in the dream, then it can provide valuable information to the dream meaning. Daytime in a dream signifies that positive developments are about to occur. If you dream about midnight times, then …

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Tongue Dream Meaning

tongue dream meaning, dream about tongue, tongue dream interpretation, seeing in a dream tongue

A tongue is a universal symbol of speech, and it often signifies verbal communication between you and someone else. And tongue dream meaning is very diverse. For the correct interpretation, try to remember dream details. If you merely see a …

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Tunnel Dream Meaning

dream interpretation tunnel

If you saw yourself in a dream walking along the dark tunnel, wait for minor troubles in life. You have to spend the strength and time to resolve many annoying problems. Try not to lose heart and keep a good …

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Tiger Dream Meaning

tiger dream meaning

The meaning of seeing a tiger in a dream can be variable. A lot depends on the behavior of the tiger in a dream and its color. If you see a white tiger in your dream, it is a highly …

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Tie Dream Meaning

tie dream meaning, dream about tie, tie dream interpretation, seeing in a dream tie

A dream about a tie can be ambiguous in meaning. In general, it has definite connotations in most circumstances. It all depends on the circumstances of your dream. If you see a tie in your dream, it can indicate that you …

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Toothless Dream Meaning

If you dreamed that you do not have teeth, in real life, you would find yourself unable to defend your interests. Also, poor health would be an obstacle to achieving your goals. See others toothless means that due to the …

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Tank Dream Meaning

tank dream meaning, dream about tank, tank dream interpretation, seeing in a dream tank

To see a tank in your dream this is a good sign. Is indicative that you can overcome a lot of challenging obstacles that are in front of you. Any difficulties that you have might be seen as unavoidable by …

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Tsunami Dream Meaning

tsunami dream meaning, dream about tsunami, tsunami dream interpretation, seeing in a dream tsunami

A dream in which the tsunami occupies the main place may have a different meaning. It all depends on the circumstances of sleep and who is next to you. Often, such a dream has a negative rating. If you dreamed …

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Temple Dream Meaning

temple dream meaning, dream about temple, temple dream interpretation, seeing in a dream temple

The meaning of dream, where you saw the temple, can be varied. Most often, this reflects your spiritual state and experiences. However, there may be other interpretations. If you dreamed of a temple on the horizon, it promises to feel …

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Telephone Dream Meaning

telephone dream meaning, dream about telephone, telephone dream interpretation, seeing in a dream telephone

The meaning of a dream about telephone is varied. Sometimes it represents travel and separation from the loved ones while. At other times it indicates proper development in the career field. If you dream that you have spoken with your …

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Twins Dream Meaning

A dream in which you see the twins will bring a sustainable position in matters of love and trust in the family. However, if twins are sick, life will bring you disappointment and disease. Was the twins dream meaning helpful …

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Ticket Dream Meaning

ticket dream meaning, dream about ticket, ticket dream interpretation, seeing in a dream ticket

The meaning of the dream in which the ticket appears may be different. In general, such a dream promises quick changes in your life. However, there are other interpretations that are given below. If you dream you buy a ticket …

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Trouble Dream Meaning

If you dream you are experiencing a feeling of expecting trouble, then in real life you can be calm about your future. Happiness and luck for a long time settled in your home. A dream in which you are trying …

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