Zombie Dream Meaning

zombie dream meaning, dream about zombie, zombie dream interpretation, seeing in a dream zombie

Zombies can make an interesting TV show or movie, but when you encounter these creatures in your dream they are not as quite entertaining as on the screen. Waking up in the middle of the night of the nightmare, where …

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Zinnias Dream Meaning

Zinnias in the dream symbolize the happiness and life satisfaction. Your life will be full of love and pleasure. Was the zinnias dream meaning helpful to you? Please share this dream with your friends.

Zoomorphism Dream Meaning

zoomorphism dream meaning, dream about zoomorphism, zoomorphism dream interpretation, seeing in a dream zoomorphism

To understand the meaning of a zoomorphism dream, it is necessary to understand what it is all about. So, zoomorphism is the empowerment of people with the qualities and abilities of animals. Most often, this comparison was used in mythology, …

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Zenith Dream Meaning

Dreams about the zenith tell you about your potential. If you dream that you reached the zenith, then such dream promises a solid wealth acquired by hard work. For a young woman, the dream about seeing the zenith foretells that …

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Zebra Dream Meaning

zebra dream meaning, dream about zebra, zebra dream interpretation, seeing in a dream zebra

The meaning of a dream about a zebra can be different. Sometimes it speaks of the duplicity of the people around them. Or warns about the upcoming choice, which will not be easy. It all depends on the details of …

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Zen Dream Meaning

If you see yourself as a Zen in the dream, means that you have a spiritual balance and harmony. This dream may push you to try meditation practices you thought about some time ago. For a young woman to see …

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Zephyr Dream Meaning

The dream about Zephyr may signal about your actively wish for happiness and love. You even may sacrifice wealth to obtain your goal. For a young woman, the dream about Zephyr may confirm her satisfaction with her life and relationships. …

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Zamboni Dream Meaning

The dream in which you see a Zamboni machine means that you need to “clean and smooth” your relationship with your loved one. If the machine is broken in your dream, you need to pay attention to your health problems. …

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Ziploc Bag Dream Meaning

If you are using a Ziploc bag in your dream means that you have great potential and your business will be successful. If you took something out from the Ziploc bag symbolize that you will discover a new way to …

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Zipper Dream Meaning

The zipper in your dream may be interpreted as the sign of sexuality and sexual innuendos. If you see that you are unzipping in your dream, it means that you are opening up. If in your dream you are zipping …

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Zig-Zag Dream Meaning

If you see zig-zags in your dream warns you about your inconsistent behavior. It may also be interpreted as you are being protective against bad thoughts of others. Was the zig-zag dream meaning helpful to you? Please share this dream …

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Zither Dream Meaning

To play or hear a zither in your dream reflects that you are seeking the truth. If you see the antique zither means that old problems may reappear in your life. Was the zither dream meaning helpful to you? Please …

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Zookeeper Dream Meaning

The dream, in which you see yourself as a zookeeper indicates that you may lose control over some aspects of your life. Animals represent people who surround you, and if you control them in your dream, your relationships with your …

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Zoo Dream Meaning

zoo dream meaning, dream about zoo, zoo dream interpretation, seeing in a dream zoo

A dream about a zoo may have a different meaning. Most often it is positive, but there may be other options. An important role is played not only by your feelings in a dream, but also by the animals you …

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Zink Dream Meaning

If you dream that you are working with zinc, or see it, the dream predicts the rapid development of your career.  If you dream that you see zinc ore, then the success is waiting for you. However, if you taste zinc …

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Zeus Dream Meaning

zeus dream meaning, dream about zeus, zeus dream interpretation, seeing in a dream zeus

The dream in which you saw Zeus has a positive meaning. This is the personification of strength and success. However, do not sit and not wait for a miracle. To get what you want, you need to make an effort. …

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