Ex-Boyfriend Dream Meaning

ex-boyfriend dream meaning

The dream of an ex-boyfriend is sure it can be quite harsh. No matter what you see in the dream, more likely, it reflects what is going on with you. Maybe you have moved on in your life, you no …

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Earthquake Dream Meaning

earthquake dream meaning, dream about earthquake, earthquake dream interpretation, seeing in a dream earthquake

The meaning of the dream about the earthquake this is the projection of your life fears on dreams. This natural disaster is equated with a massive catastrophe, and it cannot be handled alone. Unexpected, all-consuming avalanche is beyond the strength …

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Eagle Dream Meaning

In real life, the eagle is the king among the birds. Predatory and robust he towers over the rest, killing prey to please himself. Depending on how you designate yourself with an eagle in a dream, in life, the role …

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Edge Of The Cliff Dream Meaning

The cliff from the dream symbolizes the end of the life stage. All attempts to continue the old business will collapse into an abyss and will not have a result. The dream, which offers a beautiful view from the cliff, …

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Eyebrows Dream Meaning

eyebrows dream meaning, dream about eyebrows, eyebrows dream interpretation, seeing in a dream eyebrows

If in a dream you see yourself with thick eyebrows that have merged into one, it predicts an incredible financial success. When such eyebrows are on someone else’s face, wait for grief and hardship in life. If you dream of …

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Earwax Dream Meaning

earwax dream meaning

Dreaming of the excessive amount of earwax means that there is something that you refuse to hear. Was the earwax dream meaning helpful to you? Please share this dream with your friends.

Education Dream Meaning

To dream about your education symbolizes your desire for knowledge. You are on a higher level than your peers. Was the education dream meaning helpful to you? Please share this dream with your friends.

Easter Dream Meaning

To dream about Easter represents the fact that your worst problems are over. Things will look a lot better for you now; it is time for your success and happiness. Dreaming about Easter can also symbolize spiritual growth. Was the …

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Eavesdrop Dream Meaning

If you dream you overhear someone’s conversation and you managed to catch what people are talking about, this means that your troubles will be associated with excessive awareness of the particular issues. If you have not heard the topic of …

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Enemy Dream Meaning

enemy dream meaning

If you had the dream about an enemy, in reality, you can overcome all the obstacles on the way to the goal. Despite the meanness of others, you will find a way to solve all the difficulties in the shortest …

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Earth Dream Meaning

Earth dream meaning

You need to be realistic if you see the planet of Earth in your dreams. Or maybe you lack the feel of stability and security in life. If in your dream, the Earth opens or separates, then it represents your …

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Escalator Dream Meaning

The dream where you go down the elevator, speaks of your high self-esteem. Most likely, it seems to you that the single success has forever proved leadership positions and you should not continue to work on your self-development. This is …

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Earthworm Dream Meaning

earthworm dream meaning, dream about earthworm, earthworm dream interpretation, seeing in a dream earthworm

A dream of worms represents renewal of your life. Earthworms from a dream can meaning small things in life can be beneficial for your well-being. There are other interest interpretations of this dream that are presented below. To see an …

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Ears Dream Meaning

If you see ears in your dream, often means that you need to be more responsive to guidance from other people. Maybe you are relying on your intuition. Also, it could signify your lack of experience in any field. If …

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Ecstasy Dream Meaning

If you dream was experience the ecstatic feeling, it means depression, the excessive stiffness of your sexual energy. Learn how to get free, and then the same intense emotions you will experience not only in dreams but reality. Alternatively, experiencing …

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Earplugs Dream Meaning

A dream, in which you are wearing or putting on earplugs, represents your attempts to be isolated from the society. Alternatively, such dreams mean that there is something that you are refusing to believe or hear. Was the earplugs dream …

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Egg Dream Meaning

egg dream meaning, dream about egg, egg dream interpretation, seeing in a dream egg

Egg in a dream has a different meaning. It all depends on your feelings in a dream, egg size and many other factors. It is worth remembering all the details for the correct interpretation. To dream of the eggs is …

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Egypt Dream Meaning

Egypt dream meaning

If you had a dream about Egypt and you see yourself climbing up the Egyptian pyramid, it speaks of a lonely journey. You will be able to find a way to fulfill your secret desires and embody the most intimate …

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Eclipse Dream Meaning

To dream of an eclipse of the sun indicates self-doubt and fears of not achieving your goals. You can feel that your abilities are being underestimated and you have lost your confidence. You may be undergoing some difficult times and …

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Earlobes Dream Meaning

If you see in a dream that your earlobes are long, means that you have secure spiritual or ancestral connection. It also represents your social status in life. To dream that you are stretching your earlobes illustrates your desire to …

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