Dream of Getting Shot

dreams about being shot

Dreams about getting shot are not common; only some of us experience this type of dream. Our inner emotions and feelings usually trigger the dream about getting shot, or it can be a result of watching a violent movie before …

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Swing Dream Meaning

swing dream meaning, dream about swing, swing dream interpretation, seeing in a dream swing

The dream about being on a swing often reflects the imbalance of your life. If you happen to dream about swinging on a swing, this dream tells you to pay attention to certain life sphere. It is worth paying particular …

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Snake Dream Meaning

snake dream meaning, dream about snake, snake dream interpretation, seeing in a dream snake

What does it mean when you dream about snakes? In many ancient dream dictionaries, the snake represents discontentment and also the importance of healing. The snake may evoke respect and fear among those who see it. Dream of the snake …

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Scorpion Dream Meaning

scorpion dream meaning, dream about scorpion, scorpion dream interpretation, seeing in a dream scorpion

Dreams about scorpion’s bite or about killing a scorpion are not common, and the more scorpion is dangerous in a dream, the less you should ignore such a dream. The scorpion in the dream never comes without any reason; the …

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Stork Dream Meaning

To dream of a stork is an auspicious sign. This dream promises joy of family life and success at work. Was the stork dream meaning helpful to you? Please share this dream with your friends.

Steps Dream Meaning

The dream in which you rise up the stairs, predicts that you will achieve the goal. You are waiting for victories and rewards in reality. Success will be pursued in every area of life: a career will go uphill, personal …

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Slaughterhouse Dream Meaning

slaughterhouse dream meaning, dream about slaughterhouse, slaughterhouse dream interpretation, seeing in a dream slaughterhouse

A slaughterhouse dream is most often negative meaning. It is a symbol of paralyzing fear because it is impossible to escape from there. Usually this reflects your strongest emotions and experiences. You need to understand yourself well and let go …

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Sea Dream Meaning

sea dream meaning, dream about sea, sea dream interpretation, seeing in a dream sea

Generally, having a dream about the sea has different meaning. Sometimes it indicates hope for a better future. While other time signifies that one is at peace with their current situation. If during the dream from the shore you saw …

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Shop Dream Meaning

In general, there are several interpretations in which a shop is a central theme. Most of the time, the argument is positive in meaning. If you dream that you have spent some time in a shop in the dream, it …

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Sheep Dream Meaning

If you dream you see a flock of sheep grazing peacefully in a meadow, shortly, you will be able to enjoy a period of prosperity and pleasure. If you had a dream that prepared any dish from lamb, in reality, …

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Socks Dream Meaning

socks dream meaning, dream about socks, socks dream interpretation, seeing in a dream socks

The meaning of a dream, in which you see socks, can be different. Usually, this refers to your feelings and desires. However, there are other options, depending on the details of the dream. Leaky socks in the dream represent unreasonable expectations …

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Slippers Dream Meaning

slippers dream meaning, dream about slippers, slippers dream interpretation, seeing in a dream slippers

A dream in which there are slippers may have different meaning. It speaks of the need to do family business and solve family situations. This will bring great satisfaction, and you will not notice how much energy you spent. If …

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Sadness Dream Meaning

sadness dream meaning, dream about sadness, sadness dream interpretation, seeing in a dream sadness

Usually, dream in which sadness is an underlying theme can be taken to have a definite meaning in real life. Sometimes it signifies that some emotionally pleasing compromise will be reached soon. To properly interpret a dream, you need to …

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Stranger Dream Meaning

If in a dream you see a stranger, this is a reminder to you of yourself; this is the manifestation of your inner self. Your desires, suppressed in reality, make themselves felt in this way. An unfamiliar person, unexpectedly arisen …

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Sing Dream Meaning

The dream in which you sing on stage, speaks of your balanced life. It is a reflection of love for the whole world and contentment with life. If in a dream you try to bring down the beat of a melody …

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Stool Dream Meaning

stool dream meaning, dream about stool, stool dream interpretation, seeing in a dream stool

Usually, the meaning of a dream on a stool is to the relationship in your home. And often has a negative connotation. However, there are other interpretations of this dream, which are described below. If you dream of a simple …

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Spider Dream Meaning

spider dream meaning, dream about spider, spider dream interpretation, seeing in a dream spider

Generally, people often afraid of spiders, although most of that creatures are friendly and harmless. Spiders are a creative weaver and dreaming about spiders may represent your creativity and patient. Usually, such a dream relates to your professional life. If …

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School Dream Meaning

school dream meaningThe dream in which you see the school, warns about future tests and difficulties in life. We must carefully consider their behavior and actions, so as not to aggravate them. Also, this dream can mean excessive elevation of …

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Snail Dream Meaning

snail dream meaning, dream about snail, snail dream interpretation, seeing in a dream snail

A dream about a snail can have a different meaning. Usually, such a dream advises to devote time to your feelings, emotions and health. However, there are other interpretations that are described below. If you dream of a snail, it …

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Shovel Dream Meaning

shovel dream meaning, dream about shovel, shovel dream interpretation, seeing in a dream shovel

If in your dream you are merely using a shovel to dig a hole, this is a good sign. It means that you will eventually reach your goals in your personal life. But not without hard work and dedication. The …

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